Difference between running watch or triathlon watch

The era of watches changed from analog to digital from the last decade with the advancement of technology. The watches are becoming smarter and reliable. The structure of watches remain the same but with the time the digital screen took part in watch crystal and hands. Nowadays, many companies are selling digital smartwatches but there are a lot of varieties in these smartwatches.

Triathlon watches are getting more popular as they are working as a medical assistant. It keeps a regular record of an athlete, his daily basis performance is also recorded in which he can differentiate his work out a strategy to increase his endeavor. Hence, we can define it as the live data analysis tool and provide sufficient reports of the athlete and crucial data like no of steps breathing rate and heartbeat is also figured out. Therefore, the best triathlon watch tracks proper health and calories of the player.

Moreover, the battery life of these watches is very good and renewable easily charged and mobile. The chip system in these watches is very advanced which work according to user need with the various type of new feature like GPS, extra tracking sensors, musical playback. It is also available which helps the athlete to track their path side by side. It kills boredom with a musical playback. Alongside, some models of watches are having Bluetooth connectivity to connect phone applications and air pods. So, it is important to go for the best triathlon watch.

Difference between running watch or triathlon watch

These watches are waterproof. They can be used in sports like swimming. Besides this, they keep the track record of the number of laps with a stopwatch timing which prominently affects the overall result of a swimmer. Triathlon watches are coming in a wide variety of strap colors and with different case sizes. Furthermore, the strap locking system is so reliable that there would be no difficulty in wearing this type of watches.

On the other hand, running watches are cost-effective, normal digital type bands that provide a limited amount of information. Running bands keep the record of the number of steps, heart rates, treadmill using, and stopwatch, they are similar to triathlon watch but in the meantime, they are not as smarter as the best triathlon watch. They are becoming more popular as they are affordable and easily available in the market at cheap rates. Smartwatches are mostly costly but the information and the data they are providing is very effective and up-to-date.

Here are some key factors of triathlon watch:-


Cadence or Foot strike is the ratio of the number of steps are taken in per minute. It’s an essential stat for determining the efficiency of running a player.

Stride Length

Stride length is the length of how far you travel with each left and the right step. Cadence and stride length are inversely proportional

Difference between running watch or triathlon watch

Vertical Oscillation

Sprint is measured through a sensor inbuilt in the watch to measure the heart rate by a chest strap. It shows the degree of recoil in your running.

Ground Contact Time

The period your foot maintains contact with the ground while running.

Recovery Time

This useful watch measures the length of the recovery period that players’ body takes. After an activity, recovery time reveals the number of hours before a player will be back full capability of performing an activity again. The calculation is based on a unique digital model of player physiology.