Three main Features of IPTV

The Term IPTV means Internet-Based Protocol Television. In this, the internet is used to promote TV videos, programs and other entertainment that are high on demand and people want it to watch. It is a system where the TV services are delivered to that particular subscriber who applied for it. IPTV works through Internet Protocol by the medium of any internet connection or any other broadband source.

This is a different way from the digital video that is available to millions of users on the sites or any other apps, for instance, YouTube, the most popular one and Netflix, common these days for movies and Videos. Furthermore, unlike satellite connection or cables, in the case of IPTV connection, multiple TV sets can use a common subscription in a home. It will give the watchers a big advantage and easy way to be able to pick the program they have the interest to watch in at any time and any place. They can feel it like watching it from tuning to live shows, which is being currently aired.

How Do many people have a TV in their house?

There are nearly about 79% have TV globally, so we can estimate how many people are fond of TV.  Nowadays, there is continual growth and development is keep on making on Television Channelings. The best efficient Transmission Mode is IPTV, which is the group of hardware, protocols, soft wares and infrastructure. How does it perform its functions? Generally, there is a number of IP packets encrypted, so that the delivery of video streaming is channelized in IPTV.

The IPTV provides the services by sending the program requested by the watchers.  Then, a new stream is communicated to the watchers when the channel is changed by them. Initially, TV broadcasts all the channels synchronously.

Three main Features of IPTV

There are basically three main features of IPTV:-

DVR: – Digital Video Recorder, IPTV makes its users watch all their shows that was broadcast in the past, with this DVR.  It is also called as Time Shifting Programming. But the service provider of IPTV, makes their users watch all past recorded shows without using DVR devices. At the end of the provider’s end, the making of DVR is most efficient and cost-effective. Now, the users can watch their favorite programs or replay it from an interactive menu of this.

VOD: – This option is only available for those users who have opted for IPTV. VOD (Video-on-demand), allows users to choose any videos and watch them as many times they want to.  This feature of VOD uses unicast transmission, in contrast, normal TV channelized multicast transmission way. For VOD. Real-Time Streaming is required.

Live television: – With the help of IPTV, it makes users watch live shows with less latency rate.  It also provides Television channelized, not like old TV broadcasts way and either without or with interactivity. Nowadays, the protocols used for live TV shows or programs is IGMP (Internet group management protocol ) version 2.